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Our Vision

To redefine destinations as the leading luxury hospitality brand of Greece.


To offer unique experiences 
to the sophisticated traveler

in order to create lifetime memories and elevate Greek hospitality






Joy of life

We embrace the philosophy that “humans are wired to work on things bigger than themselves” and “being in community with one another”. At work we actually have fun despite the pressure. We always find ways to do it during our daily work life, while producing wonderful results.



Passion is our energy! It is the fuel that inspires us individually and collectively and drives our company forward. We inspire ourselves and each other with our thirst for excellence and our persistence in what we do and we enjoy celebrating success together.



We encourage purposeful creativity and thoughtful risk taking to create value for all our audiences. We cultivate ideas to deliver improvement and growth for our services, our guests, our people and the local community.



We do things in our own distinctive way by being the destination authority, while creating personalized experiences for our guests and highlighting the culture of each place we exist. Together with our people we create a culture that makes us lead the way.



Trust is a major factor for us and this is how we see our relationship with our guests, employees, suppliers, business partners and local community. People can depend on us, we are honest and we keep our promises.


Always Improving

We want to share with you the passion, the energy, the force for change that drives us. We care for continuous improvement in terms of quality, growth and value for all our audiences. We encourage constructive feedback and we seek efficiency through cooperation.

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